Rapid Cooling

From the moment the produce is harvested its deterioration begins, particularly in hot climates. Whatever the post-harvest cooling system, the first importance is to get the harvest to the pre-cooler as quickly as possible. Conventional refrigeration systems are slow to cool and the longer time spent in reducing the produce to its required temperature the greater the weight loss. Nothing is quicker than vacuum cooling but the evaporation principle on which it works means high weight loss and greatly reduced shelf life. Due to the high humidity produced by our coolers, the pre-cooling times are insignificant in terms of weight loss and shelf life but due to our high air volume efficiency, this closely matches the performance of vacuum coolers.

Weight Loss

This represents the most significant monetary loss, conventional refrigeration systems and vacuum cooling post-harvest pre-coolers show weight loss in excess of 3% compared with our High Humidity Coolers where weight loss, based on numerous trials, shows and average of 0.3% Weight loss in flowers is of little interest as they are sold by the stem. The following benefits are of course significant.

Shelf Life

The benefits of extended shelf life are endless and vary considerably from one produce to the next. In some instances, produce previously air freighted, can now be shipped in refrigerated containers with massive cost savings. Nothing tastes as good as fruit, fully ripened on the tree, which is now possible. Previously the produce was shipped and later ripened in specially designed chambers, which is costly and inferior. Another good example is in the mushroom industry where mushrooms may be picked once or twice a week. The distribution has to be on a daily basis, which is now possible with High Humidity storage. In general terms all produce that is high humidity cooled, has vastly extended shelf life over all other systems.

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