Company history

The foundations of IMA were formed back in 1975 and for the first 15 years was a successful refrigeration contracting company with a succession of water chilling ammonia plants with associated chill stores in the Dairy industry, complete cooked meat processing plants, abattoirs and meat blast freezers. Even in these early days the company built its own cold rooms and freezers and was one of the first to use composite panels which are common place today.

Birth of IMA Cooling Systems

Prior to the formation of IMA Cooling Systems in 1989, the company had begun to diversify and found itself heavily involved in fresh produce refrigeration during which time our range of High Humidity Coolers (HHC) were developed with sizes ranging from 12kW to 130kW. The early success of the High Humidity Cooler was in the mushroom growing industry whereby virtually every mushroom farm in England and Ireland had High Humidity Cold Stores. This success in mushroom cooling also extended to South Africa, Malta, India and Australia.

The High Humidity Coolers prime function is the removal of field heat post-harvest usually referred to as Pre-Cooling, rather than vacuum cooling where moisture is removed.

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