With energy price continuing to rise and the need to reduce carbon emission, there is a constant search for energy savings. Finding a technology that can not only save the customer money but also protect their systems from spikes and other forms of ‘dirty power’ is a double bonus, powerperfector can do both.

powerperector is Voltage Optimization Technology; it works by supplying the correct 220 volts that device are designed for rather than that supplied by the grid which is legally allowed to be anywhere between 207 to 253 volts. Typically in the UK voltage can be as high as 248 volts, therefore optimizing the voltage can lead to a 6 to 12% energy saving.

Other Advantage of powerperfector Include:

  • Improved Power Factor – Reduced Harmonics – Transient Protection
  • Surge Protection – Improved Phase Balancing
  • Increased Life of Equipment
  • powerperfector is also extremely reliable, there has been over 4000 installs of this device in the UK in the last 10 year and ZERO unit failures.
  • IMA is now working with powerperfector to bring this revolution technology to its clients not just in the UK but also to our clients around the world.
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