Freshness & Appearance

The produce coming out of our pre-coolers will have maintained its original freshness and quality. Deterioration of freshness is caused by evaporation of moisture from the produce which is not possible with near saturated air. The consumer demands the quality – we provide the means!

Hydro cooling

This is a very effective method and lends itself particularly to root crop. Cooling is quick, weight loss is negligible, in fact it has most of the benefits of High Humidity Cooling. The down side is that the produce is wet after cooling and this water can mean rotting if trapped, or problems packaging, particularly in cardboard boxes. For vegetables grown above the ground the trend is now toward High Humidity Cooling whereby the produce is pre-cooled in properly

Process water chilling

We also manufacture and supply process water chilling which have been used in the manufacture of ready to eat meals including soups and dairy products. These are either plate heat exchangers, plate coolers or shell and tube systems

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