IMA have developed a range of single and multi-compressor packs which are manufactured in Italy. We have taken the best equipment and components available and developed systems. Our main aim is energy saving so we use an intelligent pack control to stage up capacity controlled Bitzer compressors with inverter driven condenser fans.

We also uses inverter drives on condenser fans. We believe in quality and looking after our customers running cost. All evaporators are purchased with coated fins for long life. All of our installing are carried to refrigeration codes of conduct, high pressure refrigeration pipe used and strict pressure testing and strength test to rule out leakages.

High care facilities

With our many year of experience in all aspects of fresh produce farming which enables us to supply the correct equipment to suit both exporter and importer.

High Humidity Coolers (HHC)

With our HHC systems we rule out dehydration and so increase shelf life and storage. Also our Cold Atmosphere (CA) rooms create long storage times for fruit. Our High Humidity Coolers have been developed using our more than 30 years of experience in horticulture they are universally accepted throughout the world as second to none. The High Humidity Coolers primary function is the removal of field heat post-harvest usually referred to as Pre-Cooling. To maintain freshness and shelf-life, refrigeration has always been a necessity but how many systems can actually save money and repay the capital outlay within a short space of time – ours do! So, how do we achieve this? The answer is simple. High Humidity Variable Temperature Air Circulation, the benefits of which fall into four main categories.

Chill storage

Long and short term stores

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