Protection systems

Phase Failure Device

IMA has learn ’t that power grids in the modern age no longer provide good clean power, our experience in Africa has proven invaluable and we know how to deal with even the worst power conditions;

• regular black outs
• power surges
• brown outs
• phase failures

Anyone of these can potentially cause major damage to the equipment so having protection systems to deal with these problems is vital.
To defeat these problems having simple electronic trips will not provide enough protection, IMA therefore uses phase failure devices that have integrated HI – LOW voltage to stop the ‘dirty power’ form destroying your equipment.

GMS Warning Device

In many parts of the world continuous power is not guaranteed, most business owners do no live where they work and when the products in the store are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds power outage can be a real nightmare. This is normally countered with a backup generator, but what happens if it fails how will the owner know something is wrong.
IMA can install GMS warning systems for that extra piece of mind, if there is a power failure a text is sent to up 5 preprogramed mobile number, with a message informing the person in charge that there has been a power failure at time X and what the temperature inside the store is. If the backup generator does not kick in after 1 hour another text will be sent and this is repeated until power is restored. (See case study – Crystal Ice Cream)


IMA is continually looking for new technologies and better ways to help protect the customers’ equipment from damage cause by ‘dirty power’
Dirty power can also be cause by less tangible problems, ones that are not immediately obvious the naked eye.

• Poor Power Factor
• Harmonics
• Transient
• Improper phase balancing
• Continues high supply voltage

For ultimate ‘dirty power’ protection IMA recommend powerPerfector (for more information see the energy saving section)

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