Energy Saving Technology

Energy Saving

IMA years of experience in refrigeration have given us a unique understanding of the needs of our clients. It is no longer good enough to simply achieve temperature in a cold room, the amount of energy used is now put under a microscope.

IMA SCM Condensing units

IMA has designed an all in one condensing unit which can be sized to the customer’s needs; Gone are the days where each evaporator would have its own condensing unit.

IMA has used only the best quality parts, Bitzer inverter driven Octagon energy saver compressors, EC inverter driven condenser fans and an intelligent pack controller, which ramps the compressors up and down depending on demand as well as giving the compressors balanced run times, leading to less wear and tear on the units.

The advantage of our all in one condensing units are massive energy savings over individual units. Typically individual inverter driven units would expect to give a 30% saving, but this combined approach in a real world setting gave a 75% saving over individual no inverted units, See case study Chulu farms.

Energy Saving Technology

The Energy Saving Device (ESD) Technology allows for approximately a 30% saving when fitted to a new or well-maintained cold room or freezer. The patented technology takes advantage of a stunningly simple idea, what if your thermostat could behave like the food in the room it is monitoring.

A normal thermostats look at the temperature around them, any sudden temperature rises such as someone opening a door to a cold room will immediately tell the controller that the air temperature has risen, and the controller switches on the unit.

The ESD has a patented gel that allows it to change temperature in the same way food item do. When the door to the cold room is opened the unit doesn’t immediately switch on, once the door is shut the room cools down by itself with the hot air mixing. Therefore only real temperature changes in the food will cause the unit to switch on, this equals less motor cycles and less running time, thus saving money. The beauty of this technology is that it also reduce wear and tear on the units themselves.

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