IMA Case Study – PCL / ARLA

Large Scale Install

IMA Cooling Systems is the only company that is not afraid of designing & installing at any scale, whether it be for a small restaurant cold room, a supermarket storage freezer or for the largest distribution hub, IMA has the technical know-how and experience.

PCL / ARLA asked IMA to design and build a 20,000 sqm site at Hatfield, this plant is now one of the largest cold rooms in the world with a volume of 300,000 cbm running at 2C for dairy produce.
On the extremely large builds, such as this, normally two separate companies work together to build first the walls and then install the chilling equipment, IMA was able to first design, then build and project manage the whole install from start to finish.

IMA was also able to go for a green option, using 2 x 250 kW ammonia glycol chillers pumping to 20 forced air coolers, we were able to eliminate the need to pump environmentally harmful refrigerant gas round the plant. This made sense not just on an environmental grounds but also on cost, as ammonia glycol is significantly cheaper than R404a or other refrigerants.

IMA built Hatfield on time and within budget, even though there had been delays on the chilling equipment and building works.