IMA Case Study – Heathland

Reusing Waste Heat

At IMA Cooling Systems we are always looking for innovative solutions. With the never ending demand for energy efficiency and cost saving both from governments and clients, finding ways to reuses heat that would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere is always a good option.

At Heathland, in Berkshire we were asked to build a full pack house, high / low care facility, stores for long term storage, HHC’s and strawberry cooling tunnels for pre-package cooling.

The facility has a floor area of 1900 sqm with an attached office with a floor area of 240 sqm. The office would normally require a central heating boiler of approximately 30 kW.

IMA’s solution has meant that instead of the office requiring a separate boiler the waste heat from the storage facility is used in underfloor heating to keep the office warm when needed, a conservative figure for the gas bill for an average year with a legacy option would have been approximately £2000, which means the payback for such a system when other option are taken into account is less than 1 year.

Simple ideas like this help keep parasitical energy demands down, with no loss of comfort for the occupants.