IMA Case Study – Bidvest

Heat recycling

At IMA Cooling Systems we are always looking for innovative solutions and with the never ending demand for efficiency savings and cost reduction both from government and clients, finding ways to reuses heat that would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere is always a good option.

Bidvest supply large chain restaurants such as Nando’s & KFC etc. we were asked to build a large freezer facility for them in Hertfordshire with an overall floor area of 1100 m2 and an operating temperature of -20 C

With large freezers it is essential to have a heated floor to prevent the sub floor freezing, if this is not done after time ice crystal can form which push the floor up, this is normally achieved with an electrically heated floor. For this size of freezer this would have an electrical load of 15 kW, and although not a constant load it is a significant consumer.

IMA’s solution was to uses a heat exchanger to warm up Glycol, This is then pumped around the floor. This had the added benefit of enhancing the refrigeration duty of the plant, leading to reduced run costs.